Thailand :: Good News Team

I had the chance to meet with the staff of The Good News Team while I was in Bangkok.  This team creates correspondence courses for kids.  Children all over Thailand can sign up to receive these lessons and they are mail to their home.  Currently over 100,000 students are enrolled in the program.  The lessons walk through stories about the Gospel and so children and families are given a chance to hear the Gospel.  I must say I was really impressed with the quality of the lessons and newsletters sent out.  The drawings and sketches were great… all the illustrations and stories were really crafted well.  One of the great things about this team is that each staff person is responsible for a number of kids who are enrolled that they communicate with.  So every child has a staff person they can contact.  I sat and listened as several staff people read letter after letter from kids who wrote in and told how the lessons had helped them or their family.  How people came to know Jesus.  Or one story of how a family was reconciled because of the lessons the child had learned in the course.

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Howdy from Texas!

It is great to be able to greet you from Texas.  I was scheduled to arrive on the 18th.  But surprised my parents 4 days early with the help of some very dear friends.  This past week it has been really great to enjoy time with family and friends.

I want to take a moment and again thank all of you for joining me in this journey by following along on this blog.  It is really hard to believe that 9 months ago I was leaving for Ethiopia, beginning this trek.  It has been an incredible experience. I’ve been privileged to meet some wonderful people all across our world. I’ve seen people who live in extreme poverty, people without adequate and clean water, lives torn apart by HIV/AIDS, War, and persecution.  But I’ve also witnessed people who genuinely love and care for their neighbors.  People who live passionately and without abandon for the gospel in every country I’ve visited. People who are committed to holistically living and presenting the gospel.

It is my hope and passion to tell these stories.  To give voice to people who don’t have a voice.  This blog that I’ve kept during my travels has been a small way of doing that and I thank each of you for reading.  But there are more ways to share these stories.  Bright Hope World now has images and video to help tell these stories.  They will use these in their presentations, web content, pamphlets, and other ways to help raise awareness and support for their partnerships. But it doesn’t stop there.  I want to continue to give voice to these stories.  To help raise awareness on issues going on in our world.  To illustrate a holistic and biblical approach to living out the Gospel of Jesus.   And to be able to provide a connection point (through BHW) for people ready to engage.

So with that in mind, in the coming months, I will be working on brainstorming and creating some other avenues to tell these stories.  There are already several ideas currently being discussed that I’m really excited about and as the details come together I will let you know.

After Christmas I will resume with some blogposts from the trek, so be sure to continue to check in for more stories.

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas.

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STORY // Nepal

Nepal was a short visit.  Shorter than I would have liked, but that’s the nature of travel sometimes.  In Nepal we met with some friends who have created a co-op for rice growers.  It is incredible.  The co-op has some 500 members now that are enabling them to increase their incomes.  They are able to do this through bulk buying materials, seeds, farm machinery, etc. which cuts their costs and generates income.  In addition to this co-op, they have also created a medical clinic to meet the needs of the community.

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STORY // Siliguri, India

Primala is one strong lady.  She has a heart for children.  One day she noticed a lot of orphans around her that weren’t able to go to school or be well taken care of.  So after awhile, she began taking them in.  Caring for them.  Then she started a school.  She built the house they all live in and the school where the kids go, along with other children in the area.  Talk about a woman who loves people and takes action.

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STORY // Nagaland :: India

Nagaland was an awesome place.  It was somewhat weird at times.  There were times where I didn’t really know where I was.  Nagaland is in India.  But the Naga’s are of asian decent centuries ago.  They have their own language and their own culture and it is completely unlike typical Indian culture.  While there we spent a couple days seeing parts of nagaland and visiting some places and a school where BHW’s partners are working.  Then it was to their base where they have a pig farm and a micro-loan program.  It also rained… I mean poured on us for the 3 days we were there.  So there was a good bit of sitting in a house and talking.  The country is absolutely beautiful and I loved being there.

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