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UPDATE // Zambia

At first, let me apologize for the long gap in posts.  Internet has been too scarce and slow and expensive when available to throw any images with pictures up.  But my hope is that over the next few weeks I can get caught up on stories. I’m currently in Kabwe, Zambia.  My last posts were […]

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UPDATE 3 // A Dilemma

I have a big family.  My immediate family is fairly small, but my extended family is rather large.  Especially on my dad’s side of the family.  I love when my family gets together.  Whether it’s for a holiday or a reunion it’s always good to get together.  Food like you would not believe is there.  […]

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UPDATE 2 // Cultural Observations

One of the things I love about visiting other countries is observing and learning about other cultures.  It’s fascinating. I’m staying in a hotel near the center of town in Gondar, Ethiopia this month.  It provides me the opportunity to see a lot from my hotel balcony.  As a people watcher, I can’t get enough […]

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Update 1 // Culture, Jesus, and a Book

CULTURE Being in a foreign country always presents itself with adjustments to new things, new cultures. Some of them you anticipate. Some of them you do not. Some you love. Some it is more of a struggle. I’m currently staying at a hotel about a mile from the school I’m documenting. It is certainly within […]

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April 2010: Ethiopia

Today I leave for Ethiopia.  I will be based primarily in Gonder, Ethiopia for much of the month.  There are several projects in this town including a school, widows feeding center, and a micro enterprise.  I may also visit a church in Debre Markos, and possibly visit Axum or Lalibella if I can.  Ethiopia’s Internet […]

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