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Thailand :: fair trade coffee

In northern Thailand there is an organization that is committed to working with the hill tribe people of Thailand.  Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP) works to assist Hill-Tribes in water resource and sanitation, Thai Tribal Arabica Coffee, agricultural extension, health, evangelism, education and social development. My main role while visiting ITDP was to see and […]

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Thailand :: Good News Team

I had the chance to meet with the staff of The Good News Team while I was in Bangkok.  This team creates correspondence courses for kids.  Children all over Thailand can sign up to receive these lessons and they are mail to their home.  Currently over 100,000 students are enrolled in the program.  The lessons […]

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STORY // Nepal

Nepal was a short visit.  Shorter than I would have liked, but that’s the nature of travel sometimes.  In Nepal we met with some friends who have created a co-op for rice growers.  It is incredible.  The co-op has some 500 members now that are enabling them to increase their incomes.  They are able to […]

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STORY // Siliguri, India

Primala is one strong lady.  She has a heart for children.  One day she noticed a lot of orphans around her that weren’t able to go to school or be well taken care of.  So after awhile, she began taking them in.  Caring for them.  Then she started a school.  She built the house they […]

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STORY // Nagaland :: India

Nagaland was an awesome place.  It was somewhat weird at times.  There were times where I didn’t really know where I was.  Nagaland is in India.  But the Naga’s are of asian decent centuries ago.  They have their own language and their own culture and it is completely unlike typical Indian culture.  While there we […]

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