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We left Maseno and drove over into Uganda.  On the way we drove over the Equator.  Had to be a tourist and stop and take a photo.

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STORY // KENYA :: Maseno

Maseno, Kenya is a town about an hour from Kisumu close to Lake Victoria.  Our partners work in a village outside Maseno running an orphanage.

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Kevin and I took a short trip to Garissa and some surrounding areas with some friends to see the work they were doing. Kevin is the Field Director for Bright Hope World.  I have the opportunity to travel with him and his wife for about 3 months of this trip.   Garissa is near Somolia […]

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STORY // Kenya :: Moko

“What is your name?” asked Moko as we were walking from the gate of the school grounds. “Lane,” I replied “and yours?” “Moko.” “Do you know the Apostles Creed?” “I do” I said, recollecting the Rich Mullens’ musical arrangement of the creed that had long ago been etched into my mind. “Can you say?” almost […]

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STORY // Kenya :: Revolving Fund

Another project I worked on in Kenya was a revolving fund project in Nairobi run by a local ministry.  A revolving fund is this… A org is set up with a board and they then take members.  The members pay money each month into the fund.  After about 6 months a member then can take […]

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