Yesterday I posted a story written by Travis Frugé.  I first met Travis over six years ago when we worked together as summer camp counselors in college.  This man’s passion for Jesus and for people was evident from the first time we met.  Over that summer and ever since I’ve become more and more inspired by this guys life.  From his masters and doctoral work to his living for a few years in a remote village in Africa… It is always evident that he has been directed by his love for God and people. Travis along with a few other of his friends have been broken by human trafficking and child prostitution and are working on making an impact in India.  Here is a little info into what they are doing….

Somewhere, right now, across oceans and rivers and skies there is a little van shimmying its way through overgrown mountain roads and freshly dewed fields. Its passengers are looking out the window hopeful for life as new as the sunlight about to leap over the mountains. The reason they are here can be boiled down to the simple concept of supply and demand. And whether or not they know it they are about to join the millions of women, children, and men who have found themselves at the mercy of a system that is in every way– slavery. Slavery has not been abolished. Not outside America. And not within America. The selling of human beings has become one of the most lucrative forms of trade. And one of the least acknowledged. The lowest estimates on the number of human trafficking victims each year are in the range of 400,000. The highest are in the multi-millions. And of these victims it is estimated that over 70% of victims are subjected to some type of sexual exploitation. This has been perpetuated by a widespread belief that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS, meaning younger women and children bring a much higher price and are among the most exploited. It is not uncommon to find sexual exploitation victims as young at 5 or 6 or for women to literally lose their lives within days to the diseases and abuse they are exposed to. It is an economic engines profiting billions of dollars annually and costing countless lives. Siblings, daughters, sons and parents are disappearing every year.

We want this is to end. And we believe it is possible. We want to stop the future trafficking of individuals and bring restoration to the lives that have nearly been destroyed by trafficking. Right now, as you read this, we are making preparations to begin a facility to restore some of the most at-risk, exploited, and ignored women and children in the world. It will require a lot of work. And it will require expertise to address the emotional, medical, educational, and economic issues that are caused by human trafficking and often cause victims to fall back into situations of exploitation. More specifically, we want to provide a loving, nurturing, and creative environment to not only restore these children but to help them realize their full potential. In the long run we hope to roll out plans to build a house for young women, to provide legal assistance to defend victims and prosecute traffickers, and to employ research to expose issues with exploitation. This year we are founding our first home in Calcutta for at-risk children and we would love for you to be a part of this movement with us. For updates on what we are doing you can follow us under the name: AshrayaMission.

Twitter: @ashryamission

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