STORY // Lucknow, India

So far on my trip I had pretty much escaped real hot weather.  While I was in Africa I was there mainly in their “winter months” and had avoided the heat you associate with Africa.  It is also a pretty dry climate through most of the places I visited (save mozambique).  I was pretty happy I had missed the Texas summer.  Well it caught up with me in Lucknow.  It was pretty hot and really humid.  Sleeping on the roof was a must in order to get a breeze.  The day we were to leave lucknow they were announcing a decision on a 60 year court case on a piece of land that Hindu’s and Muslims had been fighting over.  Our friends were a little concerned about getting across town to the airport.  But we left before the decision was released and the town was calm.

In Lucknow, India there is a training center for church planters.  Young men come for biblical teaching and church planting training.  While there they are also taught skills in agriculture to help them be self-sustaining.  The center also has a sewing training center for women.  It’s a an awesome program.  Women, no matter their religion, can come and be trained in sewing.  From this they are able to create income.

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