Back when I was in Zambia, I got an opportunity to go visit Victoria Falls and then jump over into Botswana and see Chobe National Park.  Victoria Falls is a good ways from where I was based, but there were some guys from New Zealand going, so I was able to tag along and we could share fuel costs.  It was great.  We spent one morning checking out the falls.  Pictures from the ground just can’t do it justice.  The falls stretch for over a mile plummeting into a gorge over 350 feet with the mist rising some 1,000 feet over the falls.

That afternoon we drove through a park and walked next to some rhino’s.  Pretty crazy.  They may look like they are walking slow, but trust me… they are not.  It was hard to catch up with those guys and could never really get the shot I wanted.

The next day some of us took a fairy across a river into Botswana and did some game viewing in the Chobe National Park.  All in all it was a fun trip.

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Rocky Garza you are a beast. i just want to grab the hippos cheeks and rub them together really fast!!! but then he might by me.

Sara Garza Sell that photo of a bird to someone!

holly Gorgeous!! Cole said I was allowed to decorate our house with your photos. He also said, “Lane has a post up and didn’t call me? [pause] Oh yeah, they’re automatic.” You were almost in trouble, ha.

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