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I was able to spend a week in Mozambique. A friend of mine had worked in Mozambique for several years and I had read a lot of his stories and blogs from his time there and was eager to experience it for myself. We spent 2 days in Maputo visiting a partner there before heading north. We flew to Nampula, then had a three hour drive to a town on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The drive was quite the experience. Three hours in the bed of a truck on a dirt road. Sleeping bags rolled up soften the ride a little bit, but the key word is “little”. The road may have been rough but the drive was still beautiful. Enormous and ancient mango trees line the roads arching their branches over the road as you come in and leave little towns and villages.

You could tell the town we stayed in was at one point a center of commerce when the Portuguese were in power. Large wide streets, old concrete buildings with store fronts on the ground floor. Large glass windows (or places for windows) to showcase the merchandise. Square inch colorful tile. One store was an indoor car dealership. It’s almost depressing now. Because it’s virtually all empty‚Ķ looks like a ghost town. All the plants and factories are closed down, falling apart, rusting away. The shops are mostly all empty. The town has all moved to make-shift buildings about a kilometer down the road. However, my room did have a window unit AC. I was pretty amazed.

Our partner there is a unique one. They started taking the gospel to the fishing villages on the islands off the coast about 10-12 years ago. The people groups on these islands are Muslim. But the Gospel has really started to take root. They estimate some 5,000 people have come to know the Lord in the last 12 years there.

In order to stay apart of their culture, the message has stayed the same, but the look has changed. Instead of calling themselves Christian they call themselves followers of the True Way or followers of Jesus. Instead of a church, they call it a family of believers. The partners follow a Church Planting Movement like model. Where leaders are taught new lessons once a week who then go and teach their local community of believers the same lesson.

It was so encouraging to see a people so thirsty and hungry for teaching and to hear the word of God taught. We were able to take an old dahwl boat and visit some of the islands and it was truly a blessing to worship with these people.

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holly I meant to comment the other day…this post (as usual) is amazing! One of my favorites.

Christina I loved reading this! There is such a need for the gospel to be contextualized into the culture…It isn’t so easy to do though! My heart is blessed to hear how this group has learned to do that! Keep encouraging all these people you meet! May the Lord continue to bless your encounters!

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