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I spent some time in a town called Samfya in June.  Samfya served as a base as I was visiting multiple partners in that region.  There is an incredible missionary couple there that are working with a group of churches doing development work.  They were super helpful and gracious.  Helping me understand the culture and some of the prevalent issues going on as well as letting me borrow their vehicle to visit a partner.  Samfya itself is a neat little town.  It sits on the South end of Lake Bengweulu and is definitely a fishing community.  The unique thing about Samfya is an organization called Samfya Community of Care Providers (SCCP).  SCCP is a group of over 20 churches of all in the area that have come together to better meet the needs of the community.  These churches are of all different types of denominations, but they all realize the great need in their community in the form of orphans, HIV/AIDS victims, and poverty and have committed to meeting those needs.  SCCP runs a micro-loan program through the churches.  It has volunteers who care for people who are really ill with HIV/AIDS, helping get them on ARVs and a nutrition supplement.  Once the persons health begins improving they move them into a micro-loan program and show them how to grow a kitchen garden and basically get them back on their feet again to become independent.  There are hosts of volunteers from all the churches who work as advocates for the near 1000 orphans in the town, meeting with them weekly.

It’s amazing to see the churches in the area come together to serve the needs of the community.

While I was there the missionary couple opened up their home to me.  It has a wonderful view overlooking the lake.  I absolutely loved sitting on the porch looking out over the lake as we cooked over the charcoal each night. This family had moved into their new home months back but it wasn’t till a week into my time there with them did the electricity finally come to their house.  Yet, still at least several nights a week the power would go off and back to the charcoal it was.  I’d thought I’d share a few images of the beautiful lake with you.

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Beka Lane!! Hi, these pictures are great ((per the usual)) I love the one of the moon. It looks like you could touch it. I hope you’re enjoying the night sky. It doesn’t look like it gets much better than that.

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