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I was able to hop on a MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) flight up to the middle of northern Kenya to a village called Korr.  Korr is a 1-2 hour drive south west from Marsabit which might be a little easier to find on google maps.  I have a friend, Alicia,  who I worked with at Sky Ranch who is now an AIM missionary teaching in the secondary school there.  The people group there are called the Rendille. They are an absolutely beautiful people.  They are pastoralists; herding camels, goats and sheep.  In some ways they remind you of the neighboring Samburu or the Maasai with their warrior system, shuka’s, spears, and beaded jewelry.  But in other ways they are very different.  There is a missionary couple there that arrived about 30 years ago.  Learned the language.  Then created an alphabet for their language and began translating the bible into their language and offering literacy courses.  The bible is now about 86% completed.  A few weeks back the Rendille people were the Joshua Projects unreached people group of the day.  If you want to know more about this people… Click here.

I sat in on a few classes that my friend was teaching.  One was a mentor group where all the teachers get in small groups with the students to discuss the bible.  The topic this week was mercy.  Wow.  It was incredible watching these kids work through what mercy was and it’s implications in our life and relationship with Christ.  Last week they had discussed grace.  So this was super interesting to watch these guys work through both of these concepts.  There was a thought that you had to continually confess your sins… And if you hadn’t confessed lately and you died you wouldn’t go to heaven.  Seeing the light began to come on in some of the kids mind that Christ is his great mercy sent his son to die and cover our sins once and for all was incredible. The other class was a Christian Religion Education course and they were discussing baptism.  Their culture is so steeped in works its hard to grasp the idea salvation is completely free and nothing we can do to “help” receive it.  There was such an eagerness to learn and study and know the scriptures it was so encouraging and challenging.

We also went and visited my friend Alicia’s Rendille mother, Momma Nareyo.  In this culture you have to be part of a family and clan to be anyone in this culture.  To be heard and respected.  So the Rendille have adopted each of the missionaries.  Giving them a Rendille name and a family.  Now people in the community will listen to what they have to say.  When I first arrived in town Ingho (the short term missionary girls “aunt”) came and gave me a name. Robble, meaning “green” because I came when it was green, just after the rains.  When we went to see Momma Nareyo she “adopted” me into her family giving me a family and a clan.  This lady has an amazing heart and you could truly see the joy of the Lord in her face. I was absolutely blown away sitting there and listening to this obviously true woman of God speak to us for a good while in her home.

I saw my first snake in Africa in Korr.  We were all in the kitchen when we heard the night guard beating a stick on the ground on the porch outside.  I look out and there he is whacking a snake to death with a broom handle.  It was a small puff adder.  Yikes!  If you know me, you know I hate snakes.  Always have.  They just gives me the hebby jebby’s (sp?).  And I’ve had my fair share of encounters with cotton mouth’s, copperheads, & rattlesnakes.  That’s when I missed Texas… And more specifically my Kimber 1911 .45 cal handgun that is in Texas and not in the bush of Africa with me!

On the flight back to Nairobi, it was just the pilot and myself in a little Cessna 206. I was climbing into the co-pilots seat and the missionaries told the pilot “hey you should let him fly.” I didn’t really think he would. But sure enough once we reached a cruising altitude he gave me a little instructions and told me to grab a hold of the “wheel”. It. Was. Awesome. I flew us for about 30-45  min.  It was great.  Flying by sight and a GPS.  Keeping your eye on the horizon, compass, an altimeter.  I really want to learn how to fly now.

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Alicia Ressmann Thank you! This is beautiful! I can’t wait to show Ruthy and Claire, Nick and Lynne, and Jim and Laura! You have really captured the beauty of this place. Thank you Lane from all us Korr residers. Thank you thank you!


Ruth Eves Love it!!!! Just reading it had me smiling,thinking of Korr, you really captured it’s beauty, all you wrote was so true!Thank you for posting this!

Ruth Eves I just realised I said a really similar thing to Alicia without meaning to… sorry! But it’s true!

Matt Visser WOW! The work you are doing is incredible. Fran Strange told me about your missions work. I am a young man currently going to The University of Kansas. I want to study abroad for the spring semester and I was wondering if you have any ideas on people that I should contact to help plan the semester out. My school allows me to plan one and get credit for classes knowing the curriculum. I would love to get plugged into somewhere that has some type of christian atmosphere for my growth. I would love to touch others lives with God’s word. I am studying political science and kiswahili. If you know of someone I should contact that could help guide me or if you could do so that would be great. If not maybe I will get to run into you when I am over there. God Bless and Thank you for your time.

Matthew Visser

Kay Stroud We have friends who live in Lokichoggio and are AIM missionaries. He flies the planes through Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan. You don’t think about how important the planes are in an area such as Kenya until you’re there. Love reading your posts!

Kay Stroud We%20have%20friends%20who%20live%20in%20Lokichoggio%20and%20are%20AIM%20missionaries.%20%20He%20flies%20the%20planes%20through%20Kenya%2C%20Ethiopia%20and%20Sudan.%20%20You%20don’t%20think%20about%20how%20important%20the%20planes%20are%20in%20an%20area%20such%20as%20Kenya%20until%20you’re%20there.%20%20Love%20reading%20your%20posts!

Pastor David Thanks for reporting positive about our little heaven ‘Korr’. Awesome pictures. God bless you
Paso. David

Kevin & Ashley Praying for you Lane! We love this website…your pictures are incredible! God is using you in a mighty way!

-Kevin & Ashley (DeFreece) Johnson

Pastor David Gargule I do agree with your story about Korr. It was good to have your over in Korr, feel welcome again for longer period of time. May God bless you as you tell the stories of what is happening in the field
Good pictures

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