STORY // Nguluni, Kenya

There is something about a kitchen and it’s table.  For as long as I can remember the kitchen in my parents home has been a place where people gather.  It has seen parties, dinner, late night study sessions, tons of coffee, people gathering to eat some food, but also to share in life together.  To laugh and enjoy each other’s company as well as hashing out some of life’s more complicated times.

As I grew up and moved off I noticed this didn’t just happen in my parents home.  I’ve enjoyed some of the best conversations over a dinner table.

For a week I had the honor of getting to know a couple in eastern Kenya.  And we have had some wonderful conversations and getting to know each other around their kitchen table.

Robert and Rose Gitau are doing some amazing things in their community.  Having moved here years ago to plant a church, they understood Christ’s call to care for not only someone’s spiritual needs but also their physical needs as well.  This has been a fundamental part of their ministry as they have started schools to provide quality education, drilled for clean water for the schools and community, grown crops to help sustain the schools, provide training programs for teachers and trades, fostering numerous orphans, built a medical clinic, as well as training and mentoring people to go out to other villages and share the gospel.  They have a sincere love and care for people and it truly shows.

Below are some frames as I followed them around and observed their ministry.

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Doug Klembara Lane!

I am blown away by the awesomness of your photography. You are doing an incredible job at telling stories through your work. Man! These portraits are out of this world. So brillant.

Keep up the work, always try to find tose different angles. Man you are doing such a great job. Cant wait for more.


Jez Archer familiar faces.
i too have shared many wonderful conversations round that kitchen table, i spent 5 weeks with them last summer.
seriously good photos, captured the heart.
so happy to find this
big love from the UK

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