I tweeted a good bit of these photos before I left Ethiopia since it was faster that way there.  But I’m in Nairobi for the day and have slightly faster internet here and wanted to post these on the blog as well.  These are some favorites from the month in Northern Ethiopia.  Enjoy.

This man below’s name is Medfu. He spoke really good english and was a lot of fun to talk to. He loved to talk about all the USA Presidents and history and even current events. He also always had crazy expressions and funny faces. He looks mad here, but moments after this he was smiling and quizzing me on american history.

night ride in a bajaj (called a tuk tuk in india)…

Night life of Gondar, Ethiopia city center…

This is from the top of a mountain that my friend Austin Mann and I climbed with Worku.  The village below is where Worku grew up.  The locals said we were the first outsiders to hike there.

This is Germedehen.  He’s one cool dude.

Castle of one of the old Ethiopian kings from around the 1600-1700’s

View of the city of Gondar, Ethiopia from a nearby hilltop hotel.

This man below was the guard of my hotel in Gondar.  He always had a smile on his face when I saw him and would wave at me everytime he saw me.  His arms were super long and had the biggest hands.  I shot this portrait one day and went and had it printed.  When I gave it to him later that night, he gave me about 20 hugs.  It was awesome.

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Michelle Your B&W of Germedehen floored me – amazing.

Alissa Windle These are truly beautiful photographs. It is amazing to see how you capture God’s creation! Praying for you!

Brittney these look great Lane! Incredible stories…

holly No words – all stunning! I am leaving these up on the screen for Cole to see. It makes his day to hear from you. Be safe!

Brenton Phenomenal! Praying for ya Lane-o!

Beka I am kind of obsessed with the top mountain picture…absolutely stunning.

John Durham Those pictures tell such a story bro. The Durhams are praying for you, and love to see what God is doing. Keep posting!

Sheeva I have to agree with Michelle, the photo of Germedehen absolutely took my breath away. God has given you such a gift! Thank you for embracing it. 🙂

Brad Pesnell Lane…wow! You are a gifted story teller…What a talent!

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