STORY // Ethiopia :: Bright Hope World Partnerships :: An Introduction

Bright Hope World has partnered with a local organization in Northern Ethiopia who’s purpose is to plant churches, reach the north with the Gospel, care for the widows and needy, and help provide quality education.  It’s a pretty wide range of goals.  But they are doing some amazing work.  The organization on the ground is run by a man by the name of Worku Tafete.  He has an amazing story himself that I hope to share with you sometime.  The organization started as a church planting organization a couple years ago.  Theyn partnered with churches who would send out members of it’s congregation to plant churches in rural villages where evangelical christianity was unheard of.  In time it has evolved.  The organization saw a need of providing food for widows and the elderly who have often been overlooked by other charities, so it has begun creating feeding centers.  In addition, the lack of quality education, became evident to it’s leaders, so they have created a Kindergarten school.  The school serves three purposes really.  It provides quality education, creates jobs for teachers who may otherwise go abroad to teach where wages are better, and generates income for the organizations other endeavors.  Worku and his team have recently begun a pilot micro-finance project as well.  With the goal to provide jobs to women who need them as well as income for the organization. The Ethiopia project is an especially special project for me in that my church in Dallas, Texas, Chase Oaks Church, is a western partner in this project working with Worku and BHW to establish much of the organization as sustainable over the next several years.  Over the next week or so I will be posting stories from northern Ethiopia.  Check back often.

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