Bright Hope World

I wanted to take a moment and highlight the organization I will be working with/for on this trek for the remainder of this year.

Bright Hope World is an organization based in New Zealand. Their mission is to partner with local individuals and churches who have a compelling vision to reach the poor and vulnerable through indigenous, local church ministries and be spiritually and economically self sustaining.

This tends to flesh itself out through three key areas: Christian Community and Leaders, Relief in Crisis, and Sustainable Development.

4 Core Values of BHW are:

1.  Field driven; all activities are centered around what is happening on the field

  • Local solutions are the best solutions
  • Our partners are our most valuable asset

2.  Focus on building strategic relationships and partnerships

  • Relational foundations
  • Church based
  • Key people and leadership
  • Holistic transformation

3.  Bible based; we will emulate the example of Jesus

  • Focussed on the poorest of the poor
  • Poverty is not defeated by money, but by people who will intervene in the issues that cause poverty

4.  We will ensure at least 90% of all donations go to the field

  • We exist to serve the poor

For more information on Bright Hope World be sure and check out their info page on their website by clicking here.  Their site has a ton of information on who they are, how they operate, their goals, mission and purpose, as well as a wealth of information on the partnerships I will be visiting.  Seriously, you won’t be disappointed in spending some time browsing through their site.

BHW is also in the process of opening a U.S. office with 501c3 status called HOPE World Partnerships to facilitate US operations.  You can contact U.S. director, Susy Warren at for more information on how you can become involved here in the U.S.

My role with BHW will be to travel and visit various partnerships throughout Africa and Asia and document the work God is doing through local believers in their community.  Capturing both broad, big picture elements of what they are doing and also individual people and their stories through still photography, writing and video.

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John Durham Great stuff bro, really getting excited for your journey. I see why you have partnered with BHW and they with you – you both have the same values and heart for His world. I am praying for your final lap here stateside before going. I applaud God’s calling!

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