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This summer I spent some time in Colorado, shooting some videos for Sky Ranch Ute Trail of their wilderness adventure program. The basis of the program is for a group to come and get out into the wilderness. Essentially a youth leader will bring a group of students and a pair of Ute Trail wilderness guides will take these kids backpacking or kayaking through the wilderness for 6 days. It’s an amazing experience where these students are pushed physically, emotionally and spiritually. They have to work together as a team. During the course of the week, everyone has a chance to share their life story. It’s great for these students to share about impactful moments in their life, for other students to ask questions, and support, encourage and pray for each other. It was incredible to be able to tag along some of these trips and spend some time in the backcountry.

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Earlier this year I was in Southern Sudan working on some videos for SIM.  I was brought on by a good friend to film.  In the first video below, my friend in Kenya manned all the post production.  In the second video, Rocky Garza did the editing. Give them a watch.



Ryan w/ SIM from TO TELL A STORY on Vimeo.

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Last month I (Lane) had the privilege to team up with SIM Sudan to shoot two videos.  One of those videos TOTELLASTORY is currently editing and we can’t wait to share with you.  While on the trip, I took some stills as well and wanted to share some of them with you.

Sudan stills by Lane A. Davis

We went swimming with these boys in a little swimming hole in a river. A perfect way to cool off in the crazy hot weather.

The objective of the trip was to shoot two videos.  The first video was a 8-10min video that is a look back at the last 5 years of SIM’s work in Sudan with a little bit of vision casting for the next 5 years.  SIM Sudan is actively involved in three large initiatives, Education and Skills Training, Medical Care, and Clean Water.  The second video was a 2-3min day in the life of a 20-something missionary.  It’s goal is a recruitment tool for post-college folks to go to the mission field.

Sudan stills by Lane A. Davis - Water wells, skills training, medical, education by SIM

We had 7 flights in 11 days (all but one being in a Cessna 206).  Add in my 4 flights to and from east Africa and that makes a lot of time in the air in 3 weeks.  But I love these little planes… especially when I get to try my hand at flying them.

refueling cesna 206 in africa bush by lane a. davis and lane attempling to fly

This is the look you should have too if you're seeing me in the co-pilots chair. Hand on to your hats!

While at one of our locations, a Samaritan’s Purse DC-3 brought several rounds of supplies in for a medical clinic.  While the plane was being unloaded, I began rolling the fuel barrels over so they could refuel.  That’s when one of the pilots, after hauling the generator/pump over from the cargo, looked at me and Mike Saum and said…

“Can you guys man this?” And before we could answer.

“Great. What you’re gonna do is put this end here, flip this switch, push that lever, crank it, switch from choke to half throttle, when you don’t see anymore bubbles – throw it to full throttle, empty that barrel, switch to the next, then back to half, then to full. When you get to half of that barrel, kill it and come get me.  Got it?  Good.”

And off he went.

I looked at Mike, “You get that?” and he answered with a looked that said “maybe?”.

“Welp here goes nothing,” I replied

The Samaritans Purse DC-3 bring supplies for SIM SUDAN - by Lane A. Davis

The Samaritans Purse DC-3 bringing supplies for SIM SUDAN

The trip was full-on nonstop but it was a blast.  It was great to be able to work on a team, especially with talented and fun people like SIM Missionary Taylor Martyn and AIM-OFM missionary Mike Saum.  I hope we are able to work together in the future.

Behind the scene shots of the crew - SIM Media missionary Taylor Martyn, AIM OFM missionary Mike Saum, and TOTELLASTORY's Lane Davis

Behind the scene shots of the crew - SIM Media missionary Taylor Martyn, AIM OFM missionary Mike Saum, and TOTELLASTORY's Lane Davis

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Lots of Flights

I spent the last 11 days flying and trekking throughout Sudan working on some videos for SIM who is doing amazing things in South Sudan.  Well we back in Nairobi, Kenya and busy checking gear, copying hard drives, going through files, and getting my computer back up and running since it got a little sick on the trip. The trip was a blast and I believe we walked away with some great footage and stories for the videos.  It was a privilege to get to work alongside Taylor and Mike on this project. I also had fun running into people along the way that are in some way connected to my neck of the woods back in Texas. Haven’t had a chance to really look at any images yet, but below are a few iphone snaps from one of the many little plane flights we were on (7 flights in 11 days).

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Well I wanted to give you a short little update.

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things from traveling and in addition we have been working pretty steady on the future direction of TOTELLASTORY.  I can’t wait till we can share.  We hope to be launching a refreshed site within the next month or so and will explain it all then.

That date is being pushed back a little because next week I will be heading out to Kenya and Sudan to work on 2 video projects and some stills for an organization.  I should be back mid March.

Be sure to check here for an update or two from Africa and for our upcoming announcements on TOTELLASTORY.

Frame from northern Kenya, May 2010

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